Secondary and trace elements delivered through innovative high analysis suspension concentrate.

IcON Essential Trace Minerals; secondary and trace elements delivered through innovative high analysis suspension concentrates Sonic Essentials’ IcON range of high-analysis, suspension-concentrate, nutrient formulations have significantly higher analysis, superior handling characteristics and greater stability than conventional products. Read More 


  • Highest analysis formulation on the market.  Low application rates, less packaging and reduced freight
  • Products suitable for foliar, seed treatment  or ”down the tube” application
  • Ultra-fine particle size, carefully tuned to deliver uniform coverage and enhance uptake
  • Stable formulations with good shelf-life and little settling.  The IcON proprietary technology ensures enhanced  dispersion in tank mixes and inhibits particle agglomeration


Zinc – essential for plants and humans

For plants:

  • Production of auxins and essential growth hormones
  • Activates enzymes in protein synthesis, plus is involved in the regulation and consumption of sugars
  • Necessary for starch formation and healthy root development.
  • Influences the rate of seed and stalk maturation.
  • Necessary for the formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates.


For humans

Read More from the International Fertilizer Association.


More information on zinc can be found in the Sonic Essentials Knowledge Database including the following:

  • Zinc and water use efficiency read more.
  • The presence of adequate zinc plant tissue enables the plant to withstand lower air temperatures read more.



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