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Sonic Essentials specialises in the manufacture and distribution of high analysis suspension concentrates.  In collaboration with universities and independent research organisations it continues to seek out and identify enhanced and innovative ways to deliver essential crop and soil nutrients.   Through focused provision of essential nutrients Sonic Essentials aims to deliver benefits to growers and consumers.  Sonic Essentials is internationally recognised and is a regarded advocate for improved crop nutrition to impact crop quality, yield and improve human health outcomes.

Sonic Essentials products are manufactured in Australia within world class facilities. The major facility is uniquely equipped with specialised milling equipment to produce ultrafine and nano-sized particles.

Sonic Essentials is constantly evolving to best meet the needs of its customers.  Its continual improvement model always assesses product performance and market suitability; builds on its outstanding technical support and customer service and is seeking out the best options for packaging and transport to reduce its impact on the environment.

Established in 2007 Sonic Essentials is an Australian owned and operated business with a global market.  Its products are sold into Australia, Asia, South and central America.  The highly valued relationships Sonic Essentials holds with growers, distributors and researchers in Australia and around the world are the foundations the company has been built on and the reason it continues to grow.


Sonic Essentials brings together a group of talented individuals in the areas of materials chemistry, manufacturing research, engineering, business management, sales, marketing and most importantly agronomy. This collection of knowledge and skills differentiates Sonic Essentials and sets it apart competitors.

Products developed by Sonic Essentials are manufactured in Australia. The world class manufacturing site is equipped with highly specialised equipment for the production of ultrafine and nano-sized suspension concentrates and clear solutions. Licensed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority provides distributors and growers with confidence in Sonic Essentials and its products.

Product quality is monitored both internal and external testing. On-site quality assurance staff using the latest analytical equipment ensure Sonic Essentials products meet specification. These results are then checked and validated through the use of independent analytical laboratories.

Product innovation and formulation improvements are tested internally and are subjected to rigorous independent field trials.

Prof. Terry Turney – Director and Chief Technical Officer terry@sonicessentials.com

Prof. Terry Turney’s research activities span 40 years, including various esteemed roles such as the Director of the CSIRO Nanotechnology Centre. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and currently has a Professorship at Monash University, teaching materials science and entrepreneurship. At Sonic Essentials he is responsible for product innovation and R&D

Brett King – Director, Operations brett@sonicessentials.com

Brett has 15 years’ experience in advanced manufacturing for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agricultural industries. He is a key to product advancement, particularly in suspension technology with a strong background in science including a double major in chemistry with honours. He is responsible for day to day operations, investment, plant and equipment efficiency, manufacturing, product quality and R&D.

Owen McCarron – Managing Director owen@sonicessentials.com

Owen has had extensive experience in the Agricultural and Turf Industries, specialising in plant nutrition and fluid fertilizers. Owens real-world experience at all levels in the agricultural sector brings with it a pragmatic and attentive understanding of the industry. He is responsible for customer relations, communication, sales and public relations.

Michelle Bammann – Marketing, Agronomy and Sales 0405 429 620 michelle@sonicessentials.com

Michelle, originally from a broad-acre farming property in the Mid North of SA, graduated from the University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus in 1997. Her agronomy career began in Mount Gambier, followed by an 11 year stint on Eyre Peninsular working as an agronomist. She has since returned to the Mid North to specialise in soil and plant nutrition, working for fertilizer companies and as a consulting agronomist. Michelle, with her intuitive understanding on soil and plant nutrition, has become a highly regarded broad-acre agronomist with more than 20 years’ experience creating value for growers.

Gary Attrill – International Business Development Manager and Sales gary@sonicessentials.com

Gary is originally from country Victoria and has over thirty years’ experience in speciality crop nutrition, sales and business development in Australia and internationally.  Gary has worked for or consulted to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of trace element and speciality inputs. His consulting company has taken him to many countries in SE Asia and Central America. Gary joined Sonic Essentials as the international business development manager in 2013 and now resides in Vietnam managing much of Sonic Essentials international business