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Tuesday23 April 2019

Company Profile

An Australian owned and operated business Sonic Essentials is a product innovation, development and sales company specialising in high analysis suspension concentrates and fluid crop nutrition products for enhancing yield and quality. It holds know-how on market needs, micro- and nano-structure crop inputs for foliar sprays, fertigation and seed.
When established in 2007 the founders committed to delivering high quality products to the market and to building long term highly valued relationships with all industry stakeholders.  Since then Sonic Essentials has developed global markets which includes products being sold into Australia, Asia, South Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Sonic Essentials is committed to product development, innovation and research.  The products are manufactured in Australia within world class facilities.  The major facility is uniquely equipped with specialised milling equipment for the production of ultrafine and nano-sized particles and is licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority.

Sonic Essentials currently markets and sells two unique product ranges:

• IcON range - essential secondary and trace elements (zinc, copper, calcium, manganese and magnesium) are delivered through innovative high analysis suspension concentrates.

• Foundation range – innovative clear liquid complex combinations of nutrients and growth promoters to impact crop quality and yields.

Sonic Essentials current product innovation program aims to deliver benefits to growers through more focused delivery of essential nutrients and other crop inputs.  The products developed through Sonic Essentials  R&D program  are tested and evaluated for performance and suitability in replicated trials and field validation by independent consulting services.